Editorial: Scott Angelle for Congress

With the fight of a generation being waged in Washington, D.C., we respectfully submit to you that Scott Angelle is the most qualified candidate to represent Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District in Congress. We are honored to join the Louisiana Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ and Rep. Charles Boustany in endorsing Scott Angelle’s campaign.
If we’re going to shake things up in Washington, end the rampant political correctness and advance policies that create jobs in South Louisiana, we need a congressman with executive experience and a record of accomplishments. While campaigns are about promises, public service is about delivering results.
Scott Angelle has the experience necessary, the dedication required and the integrity expected to represent us in Washington, D.C. Scott is a trusted conservative who stands on principle. He is a proven fighter for our people. He is fiercely dedicated to standing up for South Louisiana against the political establishment in, both parties. Scott Angelle is the best qualified to fight for our district’s legacy industries including energy, agriculture, seafood and navigation.
In St. Martin Parish, Angelle cut his own salary and ushered in an era of rapid economic growth. He stood up to the Chinese when they threatened to put our farmers and fishermen out of business by dumping crawfish into South Louisiana markets. As head of the department of natural resources, Angelle increased Louisiana’s drilling rig count by 180 percent. As Secretary, he also crafted the legislation that created the Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority in order to ensure quality investments are made in the necessary infrastructure to protect and restore Coastal Louisiana and he led the fight to create a constitutional amendment to protect coastal restoration funding.
During the Gulf drilling moratorium, as interim lieutenant governor, Scott took on the Obama administration and won. He went to Washington and fought to end the drilling moratorium and he led the push to force BP to invest in early tourism promotion. Angelle has a proven record of making government work harder and smarter for taxpayers.
As a member of a local bank board and someone who works in Louisiana’s private sector energy industry, Angelle knows the struggles faced by our hardworking people every day. He has a firm understanding that government can’t be everything to everyone. He is dedicated to his community and his family. He’s served as a local basketball and baseball coach in Breaux Bridge, he’s a former member of his volunteer fire department and frequently serves as an auctioneer for charitable organizations. In a city full of out-of-touch politicians, Angelle will bring a breath of fresh air, perspective and small-town values to Washington.
Scott Angelle is the warrior South Louisiana needs as our nation faces such trying times. He will fight Washington’s war on oil. Angelle often points out in conversation that according to the Mercatus Center from George Mason University, Louisiana is the most impacted state in America by federal regulations. Scott Angelle best understands the connection between federal policy and its impact on South Louisiana jobs. He’ll be a warrior for our oil-and-gas industry. He will cut ridiculous regulations that are strangling our energy economy, block attempts to bankrupt our energy industry through tax increases and seek to make Louisiana more attractive to businesses looking to drill and expand here.
Scott Angelle will not bow to the dangerous threats posed by radical Islam.
He will work with our military leaders to be an outspoken voice for an aggressive strategy to battle terrorism on their shores instead of on ours. Scott supports preventing anyone from entering our country until they are vetted and cleared. Scott Angelle will not waver on demanding a secure border, once-and-for-all.
When it comes to standing up for law enforcement, Scott Angelle stands above the rest. He has been endorsed by the Louisiana Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ PAC because they know he will always support them.
Scott Angelle will also be an outspoken advocate for our veterans. He’ll continue to apply pressure on the veterans’ administration to complete construction on the Lafayette and Lake Charles clinics, ensure those clinics are properly staffed and that the quality of care is of the excellence owed to our veterans. Scott will also support polices that give veterans access to the doctor of their choosing, outside of the VA system.
There is no one else in this race that understands our agriculture industry like Scott Angelle does. He will fight for our farmers. He’ll stand up to an out-of-control EPA and seek to open up new markets to our farmers on a level playing field. Scott Angelle opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other dangerous unfair’ trade agreements that put our farmers at a competitive disadvantage and threaten to force them out of business due to foreign nations unfairly subsidizing their product.
Scott will support a balanced budget amendment and work to get America’s fiscal house in order. He opposes all tax increases, wants to rein in the power of the IRS and reform our tax code to be flatter, fairer and far less complex.
Scott Angelle will be a leader in the battle to repeal Obamacare, but he won’t stop there.
Recognizing the important role our health care industry plays in South Louisiana, he will support a conservative free-market approach that improves access, increases quality and lowers prices.
When it comes to standing firm on our First and Second amendment rights, Angelle won’t give an inch. He’ll support our right to defend our families and he won’t negotiate when it comes to Religious Freedom
What Washington needs is less talk and more action. We need a congressman who won’t require on-the-job training.
It’s not enough to just be mad, and we can’t afford someone just seeking fame; we need a proven conservative fighter for Louisiana.
When we examine the records of those running in the 3rd District, none are more qualified and prepared to serve than Scott Angelle. We humbly ask that you join us in giving him your vote on Nov. 8.
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