Our endorsement: Charles Boustany for U.S. senator

We respectfully recommend, for your consideration, Congressman Charles Boustany for the United States Senate in the upcoming election. Rep. Boustany was a highly skilled and successful heart surgeon before he entered the rough and tumble world of politics after an arm injury made one of his skilled hands inoperative. Many times he operated on poor people who couldn’t afford to pay and didn’t charge them anything
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, most likely candidates for president, have high negative marks which is unusual in a presidential election. Regardless of who wins, it is very important that the voters focus on the congressional elections, vet the candidates and learn all they can about their track records.
A leopard can’t change his spots, and candidates can’t change their track records. It is what it is and what you see is what you get.
In the forthcoming senate race, Rep. Boustany is running for senator. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a person on your voting ballot who has demonstrated leadership, courage and integrity in their lives, but very seldom will you find someone who has displayed such positive personal traits both before and after entering political office.
Rep. Charles William Boustany Jr has compiled two separate dossiers of working excellence: one as a cardiovascular surgeon with more than 20 years of dependable experience and the other as an admired, hardworking United States congressman from Louisiana’s 7th Congressional District.
Boustany will have to ward off several challengers, all good people, but neither challenger can match Boustany’s impressive record and experience whether it was helping constituents seeking emergency cardiovascular care in local hospitals or seeking justice in the hallowed halls of Congress.
Rep. Boustany’s record is short on talk and long on results. His record speaks for itself, which includes fighting for the needs of the farmers and ranchers in the state. He is committed to our agricultural community and will continue to look for ways to strengthen it economically.
He has worked tirelessly towards preventing further coastal erosion. Over 15,000 acres of Louisiana are lost each year to coastal erosion. Louisiana has 30 percent of all the coastal marsh in the nation, but currently accounts for 90 percent of all coastal marsh losses. We have lost over 1.22 million acres of coastal wetlands in the past 70 years, which is equivalent to the area of Delaware. He has procured millions of dollars in grants to build coastal resto-ration barriers in the state to protect our economy, energy, and way of life.
He has enhanced education for our children. As a member of the Committee on Education and Labor, Boustany helped negotiate the final version of the Improving Head Start Act and helped fund dollars to improve the No Child Left Behind Program. As a physician who has cared for many uninsured patients and families in Louisiana he sup- ports affordable health care. Boustany believes Congress must do more to expand access to affordable health insurance coverage for Americans. He is staunchly pro-life.
He supports affordable health care. He has enacted balanced and responsible energy legislation that is in the best of the state. Realizing inflated gasoline prices were placing a financial burden on working families, Boustany worked to encourage cleaner renewable fuels, promote American energy production, improve conservation and efficiency.
Rep. Boustany is against tax increases, supports small industries, and wants more money for senior citizens and
American Veterans. A true conservative with old-fashioned Louisiana values, he is committed to those things traditional Americans have always held near and dear to their hearts.
And in a day and age when it’s hard to distinguish between “political talkers” and ‘political doers, his undisputed record proves that Rep. Charles William. Boustany Jr. is the very best bet at the ballot box in the upcoming election. Due to his many years in Washington, he won’t have to waste any time learning how things are done in the nations’ Capitol.
For all of the above reasons, we endorse Boustany and we can strongly recommend Representative Boustany for your consideration, without reservations.
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