Civil cases

The following civil suits were filed at the St. Mary Parish Clerk of Court office in Franklin.
Sept. 23
Sun Finance Co. LLC Assignee Unifund CCR Partners v. Ernesto J. Garza Jr.; Case No. 126470, judgment made executory.
Angel L. White v. Liberty Mutual Insurance, Government Employees Insurance Co., Louisiana Valve Source Inc., Zachary L. Reed, Karlie E. Matherne v. Angel L. White; Case No. 126471, damages.
State of Louisiana v. Justin Gautreaux; Case No. 126472, forfeiture.
State of Louisiana v. Sharon Gautreaux; Case No. 126473, forfeiture.
State of Louisiana v. Jacob David Elles; Case No. 126474, forfeiture.
Mariah Moore v. Eric Dennis; Case No. 126475, protective order.
Patti B. Ibert v. WalMart Stores Inc.; Case No. 126476, damages.
Sept. 24
Sarah Sultan v. Dollar General Stores, Interface Security Systems LLC.; Case No. 126477, damages.
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. v. Barry Johnson; Case No. 126478, possession.
Traci Sauce v. Jeremy Housley; Case No. 126479, custody.
Andri Giroir v. Ashley Hayes, AllState Property and Casualty Insurance Co.; Case No. 126480, damages.
Garland Bolden v. Infinity Select Insurance Co.; Case No. 126413, damages.
Sept. 25
Thomas James Rosamond v. Jaclyn Rodriguez; Case No. 126481, paternity.
Thursula Murray Jacobs v. Willie Vallet Jr.; Case No. 126482, protective order.
Standard Mortgage Co. v. Thomas Buck Black Jr.; Case No. 126483, executory process.
Sept. 26
Club Tabu LLC, James Beranek v. St. Mary Parish Sales and Use Tax Dept., Jeffery B. LaGrange Director; Case No. 126484, taxes.
Minnie L. Jaet v. Elizabeth Singleton, Dawn Mendoza, Access Insurance Co. State Farm Mutual Insurance Co. Mutual Automobile Insurance; Case No. 126485, damages.
Patti B. Ibert v. Polly Boudreaux; Case No. 126476, damages.
Sept. 27
Ted Anthony Guillotte, Aikman Structured Finance LLC v. Ted Anthony Guillotte, Aikman Structured Finance LLC; Case No. 126486, structured settlement.
Acadian Brick and Stone LLC v. Scott Walmsey Home Builders Kay Bonin Roberts, Neil Roberts; Case No. 126487, monies due.
Michael R. Jones v. Patricia Madison Jones; Case No. 126488, partition.
Hospital Service District No. 1 of Terrebonne Parish, Parish of Terrebonne, Terrebonne General Medical Center v. Edwin Fonseca; Case No. 126489, monies due.
Michael R. Jones v. Patricia Madison Jones; Case No. 126490, monies due.
Richard Turner v. Brandon Grant; Case No. 126491, protective order.

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