Little characters

Holy Cross Elementary celebrated Catholic Schools Week Jan. 29-Feb. 3. Many activities, including a joint Mass and pep rally with Central Catholic High School and a breakfast with public school educators and mayors, were held. The students celebrated a book character parade in which students were invited to dress as their favorite book characters. Pictured are third-graders Zowie Minyard as Pippi Longstocking, Wayne Hebert as a shark from "100 Facts About Sharks," Kollin Nelson depicting Drew Brees by the book of the same name, Chaz’ Pickens as a Berenstein Bear in "Go Out For The Team," and in front, pre-K4 students Lexi Breaux as a troll from "Trolls: Dance! Hug! Sing!," Preston Rhodes also dressed as a shark, and Taylor Souza dressed as Goldilocks with the three bears in her pockets.

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