Residents prep like a hurricane is coming


Residents of south Louisiana are practiced in preparing for a hurricane.
Tri-City area residents preparing for a predicted ice storm this week used that knowledge when shopping for supplies Monday.
Shakeithy Thompson, Walgreens assistant store manager, said shoppers purchased all of the store’s milk, potato chips, bread, eggs and water. Batteries were in high demand as well, she said.
Restocking is ongoing, but as of mid-morning, the store had only received more potato chips and eggs.
Thompson said the store will stay open 24 hours through the storm as they have received no notification from headquarters to operate otherwise.
Cypress Point Manager Tommy Motes said, “it’s been pretty wild” at the Patterson store.
Shoppers were looking for the basics, but Motes added they were purchasing packaged meat.
There were no shortages at the store this morning and Motes said Cypress Point would remain open as long as possible.
Donny Rouse, Rouses managing partner, spoke about the stores in the regional chain.
“Yesterday was a very busy day for us. It was kind of like everyone was preparing for a hurricane,” he said.
Purchases included bread, water, sandwich meat and batteries.
“We were busy very late last night,” he said, adding that supplies are “fine” with trucks arriving Monday night and more today.
Rouse said the company’s intentions are to continue normal hours.
“For safety reasons, if that needs to change we’ll change it, depending on conditions in each area,” he said.

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