MCHS places two on All-District 7-4A top squad

James Bennett
(The Daily Review/Shea Drake)

Scott Comeaux
(Submitted Photo/Courtesy of Mico Aloisio)

Staff Report

Morgan City High School’s football team was represented on the All-District 7-4A list, including two first-team selections.
Senior offensive lineman James Bennett and senior return specialist Scott Comeaux represented the Tigers on the top squad.
Morgan City had two second-team selections on defense, senior defensive lineman Gage Gros and junior defensive back Alex Brocato.
Eleven Morgan City players earned honorable mention status.
The Tigers’ offensive selections were junior running back Kalen Hillen, senior running back Ethan Scioneaux, senior wide receiver Keith Henderson, junior offensive lineman Zachary Miller, sophomore offensive lineman Brandon Jones and senior kicker Josh Nguyen.
Morgan City’s defensive selections were senior defensive linemen Frank Rangel and Fred Fergerson, senior linebacker Scott Comeaux, junior linebacker Kalen Hillen, junior linebacker Chris Gant and junior defensive back Logan Tingle.
Ellender senior athlete Da’vontaven Martin was the district’s Offensive Most Valuable player, while South Terrebonne senior defensive lineman Louis Blanchard and Assumption senior defensive lineman Christian Brooks were co-Defensive Most Valuable Players. Tony Paine of district champion Assumption was the league’s Coach of the Year.
Below are the complete teams:
First Team
B. Ballieaux, tight end, South Lafourche; Melvin Young, running back, Assumption; Reginald Williams, running back, Ellender; Brennan Rodgers, running back, Vandebilt Catholic; Da’vontaven Martin, wide receiver, Ellender; Arvey Rice, wide receiver, Ellender; Roland Johnson, wide receiver, Vandebilt Catholic; Andrew Robison, quarterback, Vandebilt Catholic; Z. Trahan, offensive lineman, Vandebilt Catholic; Grant Lambert, offensive lineman, Assumption; C. Cheramie, offensive lineman, South Lafourche; Tristan Authement, offensive lineman, Ellender; James Bennett, offensive lineman, Morgan City; Reid Bourg, kicker, Vandebilt Catholic; Scott Comeaux, return specialist, Morgan City; Da’vontaven Martin, athlete, Ellender.
First-Team Defense
Christian Brooks, defensive lineman, Assumption; James Cole, defensive lineman, Assumption; Drake Billiot, defensive lineman, South Lafourche; Louis Blanchard, defensive lineman, South Terrebonne; Kayne Theriot, linebacker, Assumption; Jeremy Rodgers, linebacker, South Lafourche; J’amire Mott, linebacker, Ellender; Luke Lirette, linebacker, South Terrebonne; Brennan Porche, defensive back, Vandebilt Catholic; Joseph Starts, defensive back, Assumption; Tyrese Gilton, defensive back, Assumption; Montae Smitherman, defensive back, Ellender; Terry Hunter, flex, South Lafourche; and Matthew Martin, punter, South Terrebonne.
District Offensive MVP
Da’vontaven Martin, Ellender
District Defensive Co-MVPs
Louis Blanchard, South Terrebonne, and Christian Brooks, Assumption
District Coach of the Year
Tony Paine, Assumption
Second-Team Offense
J. Bourg, tight end, South Terrebonne; Corbin Allen, running back, South Lafourche; Ernest Adams, running back, Assumption; Michael LeCompte, running back, Vandebilt Catholic; Kane Degruise, wide receiver, Vandebilt Catholic; C. Laforte, wide receiver, South Lafourche; J. Perritt, wide receiver, Vandebilt Catholic; A. Maloz, offensive lineman, Vandebilt Catholic; C. Seringy, offensive lineman, South Lafourche; C. Williams, offensive lineman, Ellender; C. Arceneaux, offensive lineman, South Terrebonne; Derrick Aucoin, offensive lineman, Assumption; Matthew Martin, kicker, South Terrebonne; Melvin Young, return specialist, Assumption; and Jeremy Rodgers, athlete, South Lafourche.
Second-Team Defense
Gage Gros, defensive lineman, Morgan City; T. Gray, defensive lineman, Ellender; C. Sanders, defensive lineman, Vandebilt Catholic; H. Breaux, defensive lineman, Vandebilt Catholic; Tremaine Jones, linebacker, Assumption; C. Dufrene, linebacker, South Lafourche; N. Chauvin, linebacker, South Terrebonne; P. Duplantis, linebacker, Vandebilt Catholic; A. Visier, defensive back, South Terrebonne; Brennan Patterson, defensive back, Vandebilt Catholic; Alex Brocato, defensive back, Morgan City; and D. Griffen, defensive back, Ellender.
Honorable Mention Offense
E. Lebouef, tight end, Ellender; C. Holloway, running back, Ellender; Kalen Hillen, running back, Morgan City; Ethan Scioneaux, running back, Morgan City; C. Voisin, running back, South Terrebonne; B. Fister, wide receiver, Vandebilt Catholic; Keith Henderson, wide receiver, Morgan City; Bailey Dupaty, wide receiver, Assumption; C. Hartman, wide receiver, Ellender; T. Smith, wide receiver, South Terrebonne; C. Poe, quarterback, Ellender; R. East, offensive lineman, South Lafourche; Tyreke Lemon, offensive lineman, Assumption; A. Steal, offensive lineman, Ellender; B. Boudreaux, offensive lineman, Ellender; M. Kemp, offensive lineman, South Terrebonne; J. Arceneaux, offensive lineman, Vandebilt Catholic; Zachary Miller, offensive lineman, Morgan City; Brandon Jones, offensive lineman, Morgan City; Travis Daigle, offensive lineman, Assumption; A. Amree, kicker, Assumption; Josh Nguyen, kicker, Morgan City; and R. Williams, return specialist, Ellender.
Honorable Mention Defense
Brown, defensive lineman, Ellender; Terry Hunter, defensive lineman, South Lafourche; Dardar, defensive lineman, South Terrebonne; A. Georges, defensive lineman, South Lafourche; Frank Rangel, defensive lineman, Morgan City; Fred Fergerson, defensive lineman, Morgan City; Rasheed Gore, defensive lineman, Assumption; Scott Comeaux, linebacker, Morgan City; Kalen Hillen, linebacker, Morgan City; Alec Rios, linebacker, Vandebilt Catholic; C. Rhodes, linebacker, Vandebilt Catholic; S. Harris, linebacker, South Lafourche; Chris Gant, linebacker, Morgan City; Hayes Domingue, linebacker, Assumption; Logan Tingle, defensive back, Morgan City; C. Erny, defensive back, Vandebilt Catholic; R. Garcia, defensive back, South Lafourche; T. Pinell, defensive back, South Terrebonne; T. Martin, defensive back, Ellender; H. Rice, defensive back, Ellender; Grant Mabile, defensive back, Assumption; T. Schneyder, punter, South Lafourche; E. Kennedy, punter, Ellender; Richard Green, defensive back, Ellender; and Dravin Trosclair, linebacker, Ellender.

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