Council: Move Scout Hut from park

In May, Assistant Scoutmaster Phillip Begley began efforts to keep the Boy Scout Hut at Morey Park on Main Street in Patterson.

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By Shea Drake

PATTERSON –– City Council members voted Monday at a special meeting to move the Boy Scout Hut from Morey Park.
Mayor Rodney Grogran called the special meeting to take final action on the hut.
“We felt like the whole plan for the park would be better served for all citizens of Patterson without the Boy Scout hut obstructing the view and things like that in the park,” said Patterson City Council member Larry Mendoza.
“This whole ordeal, it’s been an arduous task to try to compromise with the committee and administration, which we’ve been met with nothing but a brick wall,” said Troop 41 Treasurer Jeff LaGrange.
Boy Scout Troop 41 leaders and members were prepared in the event the council voted against their wishes.
The troop sought private property. LaGrange made a deal with Lee Felterman to purchase land so the hut can be moved.
The location is 1105 Main St.
The location makes it convenient for scouts to continue participation in activities at the park, if they choose.
“We’ve asked to have until June 2016 to move it,” said Sherrel Allemond, Troop 41 Committee Chairman. “The mayor agreed that March 31 he would give us a call to see where we stand to decide whether we can go all the way to June.”
Although the Boy Scout troop had a backup plan, the decision was both painful and pleasant.
“It’s mixed emotions,” Troop 41 Scoutmaster Kerry McCloy said. “We have a place now to put our hut.
“I wish we could have worked something out. But we have a home, and our home is staying with us, which is good.”
“I do believe it’s a better choice than having to completely tear it down,” said Senior Patrol Leader and Eagle Scout Liam McCloy, 16, a student at Central Catholic High School. “We do get to keep our hut and everything that’s inside it.
“It’s been a part of our history since the 1940’s. Moving it is better than completely getting rid of it.”
Patterson Councilwoman Sandra Turner is helping Troop 41 set up an account at Patterson State Bank to take donations for moving the Boy Scout hut.
For donation information, contact LaGrange at 985-518-9294.
Renovations for Morey Park are still scheduled to begin in 2016.
“It’s probably better off for us and them to be in another location,” Mendoza said.

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