Still time left this month to hunt swamp rabbits

Gabriel Flores, 13, the grandson of The Daily Review Outdoor Writer John Flores, holds a swamp rabbit shot while hunting this past weekend. (Submitted Photo/Courtesy of John K. Flores)

This past weekend, my son, grandson and I decided to do a little briar patch high stepping for swamp rabbits along some canal banks in the marsh.

The rise in the number of women hunters seen locally

Berwick resident Hanna Aliese Oldfather with her first deer taken. According to a National Sports Foundation report, the number of women who hunt has risen dramatically in the last decade. (Submitted Photo/Courtesy of John K. Flores)

Hanna Aliese Oldfather took a few deep breaths. She was shaking.

Wildcat Wall of Fame helps students achieve and aspire

Wyandotte Elementary teacher Adam Rhodes points to a large alligator one of his students, Layf Bella, helped harvest during the alligator season. The picture was one that immediately went on the Wildcat Wall of Fame. The wall of fame was created by Rhodes. (Submitted Photo/Courtesy of John K. Flores)

Just outside the Principal’s office at Wyandotte Elementary School in Morgan City is a bulletin board. Across from the bulletin board is also a bench.

How safe is your deer stand?

John Flores’ son, Jason Flores, and grandson, Gabriel Flores, put up a deer stand during the 2014-2015 deer season. (Submitted Photo/Courtesy of John K. Flores)

With many bow hunters taking to the woods across the state this week, there still are plenty of others preparing for the upcoming primitive weapon and regular gun seasons later this month.


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