Lakeside repairs are nearing completion

By Shea Drake

Lakeside subdivision sidewalk repair and other improvements will soon be complete, Morgan City Council members heard Tuesday.
“We got a lot of happy people in Lakeside right now,” said Morgan City Public Works Director Michael Loupe.
Of the 36 manholes, 35 are now complete. The only manhole left to repair is on Helen Drive.
Sidewalks were so bad around manholes that crews had to fix the whole length of sidewalk.
These days, fixing sidewalks requires workers to include Americans with Disabilities Act access to accommodate those who are handicapped.
“It’s pretty much a rule of thumb if you are changing a road next to an intersection, they want you do something with ADA access, not a regular curb,” Loupe said.
“So, we’ve been taking care of that within this, too.”
Helen Drive and two intersections needing ADA access are the last items to be completed.
“People can walk on the sidewalk now,” Loupe said. “They’re excited, and it’s not a liability for the city anymore.
“That was the biggest issue right there.”
In a few weeks, utility crews will begin work on changing out to new circuit system, said Utilities Director Bill Cefalu.
The crew will work in 27 locations. Due to the extensive work planned, crews will work on one section at a time until completion then move to the next location.
Cefalu has hired extra workers for the utilities upgrade project.
Construction on Lake End Park cabins continues to progress.
The cabin exteriors are about 75 to 80 percent complete. Interior construction is a slower process, said Morgan City Director of Recreation of Culture Dwayne Barbier
The contractor has pushed the completion date back from Nov. 7 to the end of the month.
In other news, Progressive Waste Solutions will start delivering new garbage carts Nov. 9. A new Wednesday and Saturday route has been added to the current trash pick-up routes, said Progressive Waste Solutions Operations Manager Jay Gunter.
Due to contractual changes in the parish for trash pick-ups, Progressive has to pick up 18,000 carts from former Tri-City area customers. Additional people have been hired to collect them.

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