St. Mary Parish civl lawsuits

The following civil suits were filed at the St. Mary Parish Clerk of Court office in Franklin.
Monday, March 2
Dawn Lynn Lancon Goleman v. Andrew Lee Goleman; Case No. 128164, divorce.
Cavalry Spv I LLC-assignee, HSBC Bank Nevada N A Direct Merchants v. Valencia T. Smith; Case No. 128165, monies due.
Kelley Minor v. Jerry Bob, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, State Farm Mutual Automobile Company; Case No. 128166, damages.
Latarsha Collins v. Jack Benedietto, State Farm Insurance Company; Case No. 128167, damages.
Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc. v. Turbine Powered Technology LLC; Case No. 128168, monies due.
Seacraft Shipyard LLC v. Rentrop Tugs Inc.; Case No. 128169, monies due.
TD Auto Finance LLC v. Richard M. Giroir, Timothy K. Paul; Case No. 128170, monies due.
Discover Bank v. Sarah J. Daigle; Case No. 128171, monies due.
Case No. 128172, custody.
W Industries of Louisiana LLC-DBA, Control Concepts & Technology v. Turbine Powered Technology LLC; Case No. 128173, monies due.
Gary Bonvillain v. Johanna Lombas Bonvillain; Case No. 128174, divorce.
Jaclyn Pichoff v. Jamie Riggins; Case No.128175, damages.
Tuesday, March 3
Janie Demarco v. Titus Guilbeaux; Case No. 128176, protective order.
Case No. 128177, custody.
Connie Garrison Granger, Patricia Garrison Clark, Brenda Garrison Harris, et. al. v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Goauto Insurance Company, Dennis Haagenson, Andrea A. Aucoin; Case No. 128178, damages.
Heather Gagliano v. James Duhon; Case No. 128179, protective order.
Willis Morris Jenkins v. Charnise Latrell Safford; Case No. 128180, divorce.
Wednesday, March 4
Tanner Services LLC v. Radiant Oil & Gas Operating Company Inc., Joe McDermott-DBA, Prairie Operating, Prairie Operating Co. Inc.; Case No. 128181, monies due.
Jessica Lynn Gravois v. Judson James Tabor; Case No. 128182, divorce.
Shelia Kimbro v. Bobby Beard; Case No. 128183, protective order.
State of Louisiana v. Johnny Francois; Case No. 128184, forfeiture.
State of Louisiana v. Brian Joseph Derouen; Case No. 128185, forfeiture.
State of Louisiana v. Christopher Singleton; Case No. 128186, forfeiture.
Thursday, March 5
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. v. John Henderson; Case No. 128187, executory process.
Capital One Bank USA N A v. Pamela A. Wiggins; Case No. 128188, monies due.
Judy M. Mabile v. Dannie Lancaster; Case No. 128189, protective order.
Don Barras v. Jeanne V. Barras; Case No. 128190, divorce.
JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association v. Ashley Nicole Hebert Boudreaux, Cody J. Boudreaux.
Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Charles Comeaux III, Shannon Topham Comeaux, et. al.; Case No. 128192, executory process.
Friday, March 6
Anthony James Norris v. Mary Kay Legnon; Case No. 128193, divorce.
Brandon Hotard v. Jamie Hotard; Case No. 128194, divorce.
Jorge Ernesto Santamaria v. Lawana Lalaine Mitchell; Case No. 128195, divorce.
Denise Karns-DBA, H&R Block v. Chad Benoit, Alice Benoit; Case No. 128196, damages.
Courtney Strickland-indv & behalf of minors, Kory Anthony Boudreaux-deceased, et. al. v. Dr. Benjamin Lee, Dr. Phillip J. Dorsey Jr., University Healthcare System-DBA, Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, Lammico; Case No. 128197, damages.
Jerry Landerman v. Sheila Kinsella; Case No. 128198, divorce.

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