Basin bream bite heating up

Thonis Buteaux with a good bass and sac-a-lait he caught this past Saturday in the Atchafalaya Basin above Flat Lake. (Submitted Photo/Courtesy of John K. Flores)

While concentrating on flipping my bait in a little four-foot wide space between a large cypress tree and some knees that jutted up out of the water, from behind me someone called out getting my at

Biologists search for viruses carried by teal

Blue-winged teal are intercontinental travelers that could provide answers to virus dispersal.

(Submitted Photo/Courtesy of John K. Flores)

From a well-hidden pop-up blind next to ours, Paul Link, North American Waterfowl Management Plan coordinator for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, counted down, “three, two, one…


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