Louisiana sugarcane growers enjoy good harvest weather

Sugarcane is being loaded into trucks at a loading area in Patterson.
(The Daily Review Photo by Crystal Thielepape)

Louisiana sugarcane farmers in the midst of the 2014 harvest are benefitting from good weather that has made conditions easier to get their crop out of the fields, according to LSU AgCenter experts


Trucks were being loaded with cut sugarcane in Ricohoc on Tuesday.
(The Daily Review Photo by Crystal Thielepape)

Early reports indicate the state’s sugar cane harvest will be about average after initial concerns that the cold weather earlier in the year may have led to a sub-par crop, American Sugar Cane Leag

Growers discovering rotating soybeans with sugarcane can add to bottom line

LSU AgCenter agent Al Orgeron checks on soybeans that are being rotated with sugarcane on Vincent Gravois’ farm in St. James Parish. Orgeron said he and AgCenter agents in St. Mary, Assumption and Iberia parishes have soybean research plots where they are looking for varieties that are suitable for rotation with sugarcane. The soybeans have to reach maturity in time for the grower to plant cane in mid-August.
Photo by Johnny Morgan

By Johnny Morgan


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